Dr. Genevieve LeClair, DVM

Co- Medical Director

Dr. Genevieve LeClair is excited to join the community and team at the Animal Hospital of Walnut. She came to the practice because of the reputation for excellence and for the established commitment to providing lifetime quality care to families and their pets. Since starting in January of 2020, she has really enjoyed starting to get to know all of the families and pets that call the Animal Hospital of Walnut 'their' doctor. She hopes she will be able to continue to build the lifetime relationships Animal Hospital of Walnut growing.

Dr. LeClair grew up in Maine, where she got to experience a year which had four different seasons and from an early age she had a curiosity about animals. From a very early age she knew how to reach carefully into wither boots to check for sleeping field mice who were nested inside before boots on. There were also a number of dogs, cats, and other assorted animals in the family home.

From elementary school onward, her favorite place to be was the horse farm down the road. There she had many many great horses teach her to work hard so she could handle animals and get to ride. She took on as much responsibility as she could and would ride the school bus there with her little sister in elementary school so she could get there as fast as she could to learn from the trainers or to feed horses dinner after school. She learned many lessons including how to ride fancy show ponies, how to hammer nails and not thumbs doing fence repairs, and even how to pull along her friends on sleds or skis behind a horse.

Her career inspiration was sparked the summer before she started high-school when the LeClair family met Toby, the beloved family horse. The very first month Toby was a part of the family he decided they would go to veterinary school. Toby went to college in more states than Dr. LeClair did, but, together they have been traveled many years and miles. He always has been regarded as one of the most quirky and unique animals in every state he is resided.

They both have made it many miles and years from their start. They attended the University of Maine where she received her undergraduate degree in Animal Science and then went on to Western University of Health Science. During breaks, LeClair went back home to work at an Equine Hospital in New Hampshire, where she attained experience from veterinarians responsible for treating world-class athletes. She spent time practicing as an equine veterinarian in Southern California before transitioning to companion animal medicine, making her a very well-rounded clinician. Transitioning from equine to companion medicine gives her a very unique perspective to unique and intensive medical cases.

As an animal lover, Dr. LeClair is very passionate about evidence based medicine, and providing the best possible quality of animal care and she strives to build deep relationships with our pets and clients.

Dr LeClair is excited to be new to the team at the Animal Hospital of Walnut and is proud to have the opportunity to practice veterinary medicine in a hospital that takes pride in its deep community connection as well as its longstanding tradition of excellence.


Christiana Otterson, DVM

Co- Medical Director


Dr. Christiana Otterson received her DVM from Midwestern University College of Veterinary Medicine (2019), having previously graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with a B.S. in Animal Science (2014).

Dr. Otterson became a veterinarian not only because she loves pets, but she believes they need an advocate too, just as in human health. Dr. Otterson strives to be an expert advocate for her patients and educating her clients to improve the overall health and wellness of their pets.

Her specific areas of interests are managing cushing’s disease, diabetes, and dermatology because she loves seeing her patients improve with the customized treatment plans she is able to create.

Outside of treating patients, she enjoys attending concerts, reading, and getting outside for a leisurely hike or bike ride. Dr. Otterson has a cat named Bronson (named after the show Broad City) and a Kenyan Sand Boa named Chai. Fun fact about Dr. Otterson, she has an identical twin sister who is also a veterinarian!


Alison Hoffman, DVM

Associate Veterinarian


Dr. Alison Hoffman received her DVM from the University of California, Davis in 2011 after graduating with her Bachelor's degree in Animal Science from the same university.

Dr. Hoffman became a veterinarian because she loves animals and is passionate about understanding and connecting with them. Her specific areas of interest are behavior, surgery, rehabilitation, and diagnostic imaging.

Dr. Hoffman enjoys the hands-on aspects of surgery, and appreciates the many options and uses of physical rehabilitation, which is essential to many post-surgical recoveries. Dr. Hoffman believes behavior is an integral part of every aspect of medicine and pet ownership, so she always strives to educate pet

When she is not treating patients, she enjoys spending her time reading, primarily science fiction and fantasy. Dr. Hoffman loves spending time with her animals, her family and friends.

Fun Fact: Dr. Hoffman has one dog, three cats, three horses, three goats, & one sheep.
Dr. Hoffman looks forward to meeting you!