Our Team

The Staff at the Animal Hospital of Walnut consists of individuals coming together to create a culture that cares for each other and for you and your pet. This contributes to our unique environment and is the key to our future.

"We want to thank you and your Staff for your kindness and dedication to our family of dogs over the past 30 years. You have seen and helped us through the life and death of three of our pets and the well-being of our dogs Jack and Jill these past 12 years. Without you I am sure their lives and ours wouldn’t be so blessed."
—Karen and Richard B.

Jessica Casillas, Head Receptionist

I am the Head Receptionist here at Animal Hospital of Walnut. I have always been drawn to animals especially cats, everyone who knows me will tell you I’m the cat lady. So when I got the opportunity to be a part of Animal Hospital of Walnut, I was more than excited. I’m very passionate about animals, and love getting to meet so many different fur babies everyday and just getting to experience all their different personalities. My favorite part of working here at Animal Hospital of Walnut is getting to watch all the puppies and kittens grow, it’s really amazing to see how much they grow with every visit.

This hospital is really a great hospital and the staff here are amazing, the girls are so caring towards each other as well as our clients. I truly believe in this hospital and everything it stands for, and I am so grateful to be a part of such a passionate and warm-hearted team.

Kelley Walker, Receptionist

I've been bringing my dogs to Animal Hospital of Walnut for years, so when the opportunity to work with the group came up, I jumped at the chance.

I love the people I work with, they are a warm and fuzzy bunch. Animal Hospital of Walnut is comprised of super compassionate people taking care of animals! Compassion and animals…a perfect match! Our clients really love their pets and pet people are good people.

I grew up within five miles of Animal Hospital of Walnut and went to college in Long Beach. I got married and lived in Orange County; then bought the house I grew up in when my parents retired.

My husband and I have no kids and three dogs. Petey aka: the Big Handsome is a Pit/Lab mix and is super chill. Dicky is a Beagle/Terrier mix who enjoys howling and chasing small animals. Wilbur aka: the Willy Goat is a strange little dog that my niece calls, "Spare Parts" because he looks like he's made up of pieces from four or five dogs.

I love gardening—flowers and vegetables. I paint and play guitar. I love making things out of objects; I paint rocks and pine cones, I make beads out of strips of magazine pages and use those to make bracelets.

Monique Monroe, Veterinary Assistant

From an early age Monique knew she wanted to work with all types of animals, especially elephants. She started volunteering at the Aquarium of the Pacific at age 15 which sparked a curiosity to dive deeper in animal care.

Throughout high school and college, she continued to work with numerous non-profit organizations and expand her experience in animal care with exotics, as well as education for wildlife and animal welfare. She interned at Reid Park Zoo in Tucson, AZ throughout college and fell in love with the education and hard work behind conservation.

After graduating in 2017 from the University of Arizona, Monique began her career in the veterinary field as a Veterinary Assistant in Mar Vista, CA. Today, Monique continues to work as a Veterinary Assistant in Walnut, CA with more advanced technical experience and responsibility.

Her favorite part of her job is watching her patients heal and come back less hesitant, knowing we are here to help.

When Monique isn't at AHOW, she's at home with her son Ryder and her three large dogs.

Monique continues to gain experience at AHOW as her favorite parts of the day are helping with anesthesia for surgeries and working with tough kitties.

Sarah N., Veterinary Assistant

I had been a client here at AHOW for about 3 years with my cat, Jordan. When a position for a veterinary assistant opened up I jumped at the opportunity and got the job!

I chose to study veterinary technology and to work in the veterinary field with hopes of being able to play a part in preventing illness and suffering in animals.

I first started my journey volunteering at a local animal rescue where I walked the dogs and socialized cats that were up for adoption. This led me to my first veterinary job working at an E. R. checking in sick patients. This is also when I started studying veterinary technology and I'm currently working on my vet Technician licensing degree. Now, I am working as a vet assistant here at AHOW.

What I love most about my job is seeing our care and medicine give pets a better quality of life.

I was born in Santa Ana, but grew up here in Walnut, CA. I attended Walnut High School as well as Mt San Antonio College. We have always been surrounded by many kinds of animals: birds, hamsters, cats and dogs!

I'm lucky to have my mom, dad, 2 brothers and 2 sisters. I currently live in Walnut with my boyfriend and his family where we have my 15 year old cat, Jordan, and our two Pekingese boys, Moochi and Miitu.

I love to hike in my free time with my boyfriend. We are also big board game nerds and will usually host game nights with our friends as often as we can get together. I also love to read and play video games when I have some time to myself.

Elisa Stokes, Receptionist

Animals have always been a big passion of mine. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always wanted my own pet and to this day I still have yet to have one of my own. Because of this, you can only imagine the love and excitement I have for other people’s animals.

I am one of the faces of the office, and I love greeting our clients and getting familiar with all our patients. I got the opportunity to work at the hospital while doing work experience for Mt Sac. I currently have a Bachelors in Animal Science from UC Davis and am working on my Veterinary Technician license to further my career working with animals.

I love the experience at the hospital working with cats and dogs, however, in the future I hope to work more with wildlife/exotic animals. Pandas and otters are my favorite animals in the entire world and I’ve always wanted to work with them, so they are my motivation for working hard and continuing my path. I have a huge heart for dogs; in the future I hope to have a ranch style home so I can own 5 dogs and be able to foster multiple as well.

When I have time away from school and work, I mostly stay home catching up on good shows like "The Office" and "Impractical Jokers", but I love to take vacations to different places when I can.

I hope I am able to assist your needs at the hospital and make your experience as easy and pleasant as possible.

Natalie Godoy, Veterinary Technician

I started working at Animal Hospital of Walnut in February 2018. I applied online through social media and received a call a few weeks later and got the job! This was an exciting moment for me. I can truly say not only are the people I work with my coworkers, but also my friends. We make a great team!

I love animals and love that I am actively a part of an animal's treatment and recovery from chromic sickness, injuries, performing dental cleanings, administering medications and more. Our clients not only appreciate the hard work that goes into treating their pets, but know that we do what we do out of love for animals and we treat them as if they were our own. We become close to our clients and build strong relationships with them as well.

My father's dream was to become a Veterinarian back in Guatemala. He moved here and through hardships and life changing events he took a different career path. That being said I grew up with a house filled with animals. So, naturally I've always loved animals and the idea of becoming a veterinarian became evident then. My parents are from Guatemala; however I grew up in Montebello and at the age of ten moved to West Covina where I've lived ever since. I'm the middle child of a younger and older brother. We have 5 dogs at home who are all super cute and interesting in their own ways. We have a Shih Tzu, Chihuahua, Maltese, Maltee-poo and a Lhasa Apso. They are all loving and playful and I also have two cockatiels.

Once in college I was accepted into the registered veterinary technician program at Carrington College. I graduated about year ago and plan on taking my test to become an RVT. I would love to become a veterinarian, that's always been my dream-we'll see where life takes me. I love what I do and plan on becoming better at it every day.

Now that I have graduated I have time to myself to do the things I enjoy. I really enjoy going to the gym and on my personal time I groom on the weekends. I really enjoy what I do. Fun facts: I played hockey for about 4 years, I played soccer and volleyball at Mount San Antonio College where I also minored in animal science. I think the most exciting and memorable moment in my life was graduating school and still continuing my education-learning new things every day.

I really enjoy doing cytology, ear cleanings and dental cleanings to name a few. Every day is a new experience whether we deal with emergencies or extremely aggressive animals or delivering puppies or kittens for their first exam. It's an incredible experience watching them grow up into furry little adults. Healing and caring for pets is such an amazing feeling that words cannot express. At Animal Hospital of Walnut I've learned fear-free and low-stress handling is the best approach for every animal. I plan on making more memories here at Animal Hospital of Walnut and making new friends!

Pitrizz Gangcuangco, Veterinary Technician

I began working at AHOW at the end of February 2020. I came from a bigger, more fast-paced hospital that I worked at since I began my veterinary career and decided to come here to be closer to home and slow my pace down a bit.

I wanted to become a veterinary technician because I wanted to actively be an advocate for animal/patient care. I always felt that I could be a voice for other species that can’t speak for themselves when in need. Puppies and kittens are always a plus too!

My journey started at Platt College in Ontario in June 2013. Prior to attending school, I did not have any experience in veterinary medicine and I was truly just dipping my feet into the veterinary world. As I began my core classes and externship rotations, I grew a love for this profession especially after going out into the field and learning hands-on. I graduated in December 2014 with an Associate’s in Veterinary Technology and have been in the veterinary field since.

I really enjoy assisting in emergency or difficult cases. I love being able to apply my years of knowledge and experience into real life cases. Knowing and anticipating what the doctor needs for a patient in need based on their presenting complaint helps me feel like a better technician and that there is always more room to grow.

I grew up in West Covina pretty much my entire life, so being able to work in a city right next door to mine that I also spent a lot of time in was a big plus for me. I have a 4-year-old son, Dexter and 3 dogs, Scarlet, Boogs and Sashie. If I’m not at work or spending time with my son, I’m usually doing something art-related, which has always been a big part of my life as well. I’m very close to my siblings and we all bond over our artistic talents.

Jocelyn Navarro, Veterinary Technician

I started working after graduating from school summer 2019. As a vet tech I assist the veterinarian in helping take care of pets.

I became a vet tech because I love animals and wanted to make a difference in saving their lives. There are many people in this world who love and care about their pets and need good health care for them. I wanted to be around those people who care about their animals and saw them as family members. I always wanted to have the satisfaction of watching a pet come in sick to a hospital and watching him leave in better health, and happier. Animals are amazing creatures and I always wanted a work environment that kept me on my feet instead of sitting at a desk in an office.

When I was working at the animal shelter we got a dog who was rescued from an abusive home. He was underweight, infested with fleas and had a rubber band keeping his mouth closed. He was very aggressive and didn't trust us. He did not want us to get near him. We sedated him to take the rubber band off, when we did the face fell apart-the rubber band had created cuts. The doctor sutured the face back together and neutered him. The dog stayed in the hospital for 3 months of recovery. We built his trust little by little, it took a lot of effort-he didn't trust people. Watching this story and helping really inspired me to create change in an animal's life, watching it happen motivates me to keep going!

I went to Mt San Antonio College to complete my vet tech degree. While attending school I worked at SEACCA animal shelter and learned many skills there. I got many opportunities to assist in vet care and help with adopting pets. I moved to Animal AM Emergency Clinic of Pasadena to learn and grow more as a vet tech. I then moved to Northern California to continue my career in zoology and moved back to Los Angeles this summer. Finally I moved to Animal Hospital of Walnut and loved it.

I really enjoy assisting in surgery, having to monitor the patient's vitals while assisting the doctor in whatever they need, it help keeps me on my toes all the time and is very interesting to watch. Cleaning the pets ears is also satisfying for me because some are filled dirt, bacteria and have a smell. It is satisfying to clean them all out. Assisting with ultrasounds and x-rays are also very interesting because the doctor explains them to me, they are very hard to interpret.

I moved a lot when young, my mother is a single mother who raised my sister and I. She helped us both get an education in the field we both loved. Growing up I did not have many pets, but animals have always interested me and I always knew I would be working in the field.

I now have 3 dogs, 2 small Chihuahuas and a big Catahoula. Baby and Golddigger are the Chihuahuas. They are two little spoiled queens; they are calm and loving. Maluma is the complete opposite. He is a crazy trouble maker, but very loving as well. He is our protector but feels like he is the size of his two little sisters so he loves to sit on your lap.

I love traveling and discovering new places. When living in Humboldt County I got to do a lot of traveling, had a lot of adventures and was able to go through a lot of personal growth. My favorite times were when my friend and I would take our dogs to the beach.

Melissa Sanchez, Veterinary Technician

I started at Animal Hospital of Walnut in November 2019 as a relief veterinary technician. I started working full time in July 2020. I graduated with a degree of animal science in 2015. I quickly became interested in canine physical therapy therefore I am almost a CCRVN.

Currently I am the head groomer at Animal Hospital of Walnut, I have been grooming since 2011.

In the veterinary field I mostly enjoy animal care nursing.

When I am not working I enjoy spending time with my two daughters and husband. My family and I enjoy playing with our two dogs Sunny (Chihuahua) and Jake (German Shepherd). Also we have chickens that love to roam our garden.

Lisa Scott, Registered Veterinary Technician

I started at AHOW almost 5 years ago. I was asked to cover for an employee taking maternity leave and it has been an ongoing position ever since.

I grew up around and having animals my entire life. I rode horses, had dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, mice and my brother had exotics. After entering college I was not sure what my passion was. Then I came across a school that offered education in the Veterinary field and that is where my feet landed. I guess you could say it "stuck". Honestly, I was looking for my passion and I applied to a school that advertised: Do you love animals? How would you like to work in the Veterinary field? Something like that. I needed a direction and took a chance. I have not left since.

I always interacted with clients as well as in treatment of the animals. I was asked by a second grade teacher to talk about what I did and walked them through a day in the life in the veterinary practice. It was called "You make a Difference By". The students wrote me letters how important their pets are to them and why I made a difference. It changed me and my outlook as a "technician".

I like that I can communicate with clients and educate them, nurse patients back to health and have the ability to wear many hats, from surgical nurse, dentist, pharmacy and X-ray technician. Every day is a bit different.

I mostly grew up in Southern California, but my early years were in Massachusetts as both my parents are East Coast born and raised. I like to garden, Spin class (when the gyms were open) and spending time with friends hiking and finding a great restaurant. I spent many years in Karate but have since retired from that. My influences are strong women. Anyone who knows how to take an adversity and fight it head on, someone who has goals and meets them, one day at a time.

I have a son, 21, who is applying to art school specifically for animation. I am a widow with two small dogs. I have one brother and sister, neither are married and my mother is retired at the age of 87.

We serve the cities of Diamond Bar, Chino, Chino Hills, Covina, Claremont, Hacienda Heights, La Puente, La Verne, and beyond.