What is a Safe Chew for my Dog?


Once your dog breaks a tooth on something you’ve given him to chew you’ll quickly understand how simple the decision is.  If it’s hard do NOT give it to your dog.  One clever veterinarian* puts it this way: “If you would not want me to hit you in the kneecap with it, do not let your dog chew on it!

Many dogs enjoy chewing which has fueled the belief dogs like to chew on hard things.

Avoid these:

  • Natural bone (of any kind)
  • Antlers (which are a bone)
  • Nylon or hard plastic bones and toys
  • Large raw-hide bones
  • Dried Cow Hooves
  • Ice Cubes

Use these instead:

  • FLAT rawhides are fine BUT must be the right size and supervise your dog.  When mushy throw it out.
  • Kong toys
  • Buster Food Cubes

Talk to your veterinarian.  He is the one checking your dog’s mouth. Give us a call at 909-594-1737.

*Fraser Hale, DVM, FAVD, DiplAVDC