Reasons Your Pet Should Get an Annual Exam


We all wish our pets could talk and most of all when they are sick.  Since pets are good at hiding symptoms, they may not exhibit any sign of disease until it is quite advanced.  See your veterinarian to uncover what your pet can’t express.

Annual vaccinations protect your pets from a range of diseases, parasites and avoid miseries.  This is the time to discuss heartworm and flea and tick protection with your veterinarian. Regular exams throughout the year provide data for your veterinarian to gauge what is abnormal for your pet from year to year.

Testing gives your veterinarian a window into your dog’s health and the best scenario is everything is negative.  Blood tests can identify a disease in earlier stages when it is easier to treat, and if not curable treatment often can keep the disease from progressing resulting in your pet being sicker.  Internal parasites (some can be transmitted to humans) pose a risk for your pet.  Often there are no symptoms such as worms visually passing in the stool.  Examining a fecal sample annually means your veterinarian can treat your pet and get rid of any parasite problems right away.

The physical exam is hands on to feel for any lumps, skin issues, checking eyes, ears, and listening to the heart.  Since dogs and cats develop gum and periodontal disease having your pets get a good oral exam prevents pain and loss of teeth prematurely.  Your veterinarian will check your pet’s mouth to see if it’s time for dental cleaning or any procedure before any serious issue develops.

Annual exams detect problems in early stages when it’s more likely to be treated with less expense, less difficulty, and a better outcome.  A clean bill of health is worth a celebration of treats!

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