Common Things Dogs Choke On


Dogs like to put things in their mouth.  We’ve heard the hacking-up a bit of kibble.  But a dog can get something lodged in the throat and block its airway.  Here is a list of items your dog can choke on.  Keep these out of reach when not supervised.

Any ball or rubber Kong deteriorates over time.  Rubber balls can dry out and the tearing dogs enjoy means a piece of rubber can break free and become lodged in his throat.  After each use inspect it and store out of reach; then replace when it is cracked or split.

Rawhide bones have long been favorites for dog owners.  The wrap type bones slowly unwind as your dog chews.  The danger is pieces creating an obstruction to the esophagus and intestines.  Please read our blog for safe chew alternatives.

Paper or cloth masks are very curious to your dog especially since it might smell of what you ate for lunch.  The paper is very absorbent as is the fabric and both are bulky enough to cause a blockage if ingested.

Bones whether cooked or raw are breakable when chewed into fragments which can cause choking or perforate the intestines.

Mini carrots have been a healthy go-to treat.  When tossed in the air it is the perfect size to get lodged in the throat.  The better choice is a whole large carrot which lets your dog gnaw and chew it.

Bits of food and smell cling to plastic wrap which become a juicy chewable treat.  Since it won’t break down it will wad up in his throat or intestine creating a blockage.  If you don’t see it and pull it out, he will need surgery.  If your dog gets into the kitchen trash, make it a habit of taking the plastic wrap straight to the trash bin outdoors.

Hard candies with fruited flavors are irresistible.  Combined with a sneaky dog grabbing and gulping it down whole raises the risk of it becoming lodged in its throat.

We recommend reading Veterinary Partners Intervention for Choking in an Unconscious Dog.  Be prepared.